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  • New Client Location - 1728 Bissonnet above The Healing Space

    • New Client Assessment/Treatment $140
      This treatment is designed to tap into the body's needs and assess the best treatment options. It includes moist heat, craniosacral therapy, bowen treatment, N.S.T. Neuro-Structural Technique and Archetype work as needed to aid in the body mind connection and healing process. 
    • New Client Bowen N.S.T. Treatment $115
      Based on the work of Tom Bowen early work and his advanced work, N.S.T. Neuro-Structural Technique, this bowen session is one of two needed for the Bowen technique. These sessions are spaced with 5-10 days between them for best results. 
    • New Pediatric Assessment/Treatment $95
      Initial assessment and treatment session: This gentle pediatric craniosacral assessment is useful for breast feeding issues, colic issues and general strain pattern treatment caused by the birthing process.   It is gentle and non-invasive treatment, meant to assist addressing strain patterns. 
    • Adult Craniosacral Follow-up $115
      The focus of this session is the CranioSacral system and is usually a treatment done while fully clothed. 

  • Follow-up appointments-Location (usually) 1943 Norfolk Unit C

  • ROOM RENTAL-Practioners only
    Percentage 25%
  • ROOM RENTAL-Practioners only $100
    Full day rate